First of many

Everyday is Saturday night but I can’t wait for Sunday morning…

Hold up, I’ll take that back, especially when Sunday morning starts off at 6:30am… Yup, you read that correctly, 6:30 in the morning. Now I know there are those keeners who are out having breakfast and going for runs as the sun rises but for the Raas team, 6:30 in the morning involves a pillow, a blanket and possibly a teddy bear.

However, now that the Raas Garba journey has begun, the members of the Raas team will have to fine-tune their sleeping pattern because Sunday mornings will be starting off bright and early.

The first practice/meeting was on May 20th at 6:30am for the Vancouver Raasters’. The team finally had a chance to meet one another and learn more about their managers and choreographers. These are the individuals the dancers will be dealing with over the next few months, so this first meet and greet was essential.

After a brief discussion on the administrative aspects of the competition and festival, the managers outlined a few of the guidelines and expectations they have of the dancers throughout the summer. One of them of course is being punctual and as we all know, that is often an issue. After getting to know some of the members on the team for a few years, let’s just say a few latecomers will have to empty out their pockets.

Following the discussion, practice was in full effect beginning with a few footwork drills and basic Raas technique. The team formed a circle and attempted to mimic the choreographer, Meera Rajs’ grace and talent. Unfortunately, the speed and form was lacking and the circle was rotating slower than the senior circle at Navratri….we’ll get it don’t worry.

A concern that is likely to dominate the discussion throughout the summer is spinning the Dandiya. It’s time to close the casket of making the illusion of spinning, choreographer Meera Raj was adamant in making this a priority. So if you’re ever wondering why our wrists are hurting, that’s the reason…the only reason.

It was the first of many practices but it definitely started off on a strong note. The priority was clear; we’re in it to win it and each member will have to put in the work if they expect any success Labour Day weekend.

See you next practice Ladies and Gents’

RD Out

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Ronil Desai is a Youth Ambassador for the Gujarati Society of British Columbia.


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