What’s my name?

Throw 20 names into a hat and randomly select the winner, which will then be the label for your team for the rest of the summer.

Sigh, we all wish it was that stress-free but people have ideas, people have views and most importantly, people have preferences and as much as we respect each other’s opinions, people have wants.

“What about Raascals?” “No that’s stupid; I like Raas on Raas on Raas!”

(This by the way is a senseless team name)

“Let’s be the Raasters or get a celebrities name and switch it like Lady Garba…”

(Not Happening…)

It’s a minor priority in the grand scheme of things since we are miles behind schedule and should be learning the routine as quickly as possible so the editing process can begin, but with all that being said, producing a team name is necessary.

All three teams representing Vancity this September should march into Calgary with confident and respectable team identities… so be inventive, witty, think outside the box, and attempt to tie together the culture, dance and what your team represents.

After hearing a list of names from the Raas group, most of which are ridiculous, two names however stand out.

Raas City & Y.O.R.O.

No idea what those mean?

Well for the out-dated cohort bumping Sonu Nigam in their stereos, the younger generation is listening to artists like Tyga, Drake and Weezy don’t forget the F Baby.

Rack City and Y.O.L.O. are the real titles that have been illustrated by these artists and a few members of the Raas squad modified the title to their benefit and I like it.

However, these names are not traditional which can definitely backfire and they’re not the most creative either. Who’s to say these names aren’t already submitted by the other cities? These titles have nothing to do with Gujaratri culture and do not use the word “Raas” to form a word, such as two of Vancouver’s Alumni Raas champions….the “CobRaas” or “EntouRaas

But then again, these names represent the voice of the younger generation, it’s relevant and different. Raas City is arguably the perfect name for the city of Vancouver. We have hoisted the Raas Garba Competition trophy for consecutive years, and with the amount of gold shelved in our trophy case, we deserve to be labelled Raas City. (Think of Detroit calling themselves “Hockey Town”). They haven’t won the cup for a few years but have a rich history in raising the Holy Grail and probably deserve the title.

Y.O.R.O. which stands for You Only Raas Once is a play on this experience being a once in a lifetime opportunity. Yes I understand we have participated more than once but you’re missing the point. We as a team should treat this experience as if it would never happen again. We should put our best foot forward, dance like it’s the last time we’ll touch the stage and understand that this competition is not an everyday opportunity; we need to, live, feel, and breathe Raas like it’s our last time. That’s our mindset, and what Y.O.R.O. symbolizes.

But, Time will tell, inthe end, we might end up with neither and end up going into Calgary with a name like “GujuRaasis”

Good luck to the other teams finalizing their names.

RD Out

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Ronil Desai is a Youth Ambassador for the Gujarati Society of British Columbia.


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