Navratri Festival hits BCIT…Again

Buckle up and hop on a cultural roller-coaster filled with vibrant colours, creative costumes and a packed gymnasium that will be celebrating Navratri at BCIT.

The annual South Asian festival is an opportunity to meet fellow members in the community and learn a few dance moves alongside hundreds of talented individuals. From minors to seniors, students to toddlers, everyone is invited to celebrate.

It has been nearly two decades that the festival hit the lower mainland but it needed a spark to rejuvenate the cause and illustrate that it is more of a celebration rather than a religious event. That spark has been ignited since BCIT got into the picture and marketing student, Preetal Bhatt notes that the campuses’ involvement is increasing the excitement.

“It is a great feeling to be a student at BCIT and have Navratri celebrated and represented. It is such an exuberant festival and it draws huge crowds, which is not only great for the campus but it caters to a lot of students who are curious and want to get a taste of the culture,” explained Bhatt.

Every year the festival is hosted by the Gujarati Society of British Columbia, a cultural, charitable, and educational non-profit organization. The society is one of the largest cultural organizations in the Lower Mainland, with thousands of Gujarati-speaking members and supporters.

President of the Guajarati Society, Rajan Raniga did not hesitate to host the festival at BCIT for the second year in a row. After gaining popularity amongst the South Asian community, the festival is beginning to cross borders and increase interest within other communities.

“A lot of youth outside the Guajarati community come out to celebrate Navratri. We as a society always emphasize the youth to get involved because it the youth who keep the culture going and bring their millennial perspective to the table,” said Raniga.

Strap on those dancing shoes because the festival is making its way on campus on October 19th, 20th, and 27th.  Tickets are $5 and are available at the door.

Ronil Desai is a Youth Ambassador for the Gujarati Society of British Columbia.